Circular Por qué

Choosing Circoolar is about more than just choosing work clothes.

Your choice of workwear can turn your commitments into a tangible reality, make someone feel valued and transmit your ethics.

By wearing Circoolar’s ecological workwear:

Orgullo de pertenencia

You will engage your employees, awakening a feeling of pride in belonging to the company.

A Circoolar workforce is proud to
“wear the company shirt”,
it lives, feels, and believes in your commitments.

Agente implicado

External stakeholders
will see how committed
and proactive you are.

Wear your values and commitments on your sleeve (literally)! Earn recognition for your ethical commitments and benefit from the positive impact that will have on your brand image and corporate reputation.

Agente implicado

You can convert
your CSR/sustainability goals
into measurable actions.

Add substance to your environmental and recycling policies with quantifiable, concrete actions.

Agente implicado

You are cooperating
with the UN’s
Sustainable Development Goals.

Your company can contribute to the future of our planet by adhering to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


Every piece of Circoolar clothing

converts your commitment into a reality, fosters internal engagement, promotes brand image and positioning.